AZA Engineering has the most proficient engineers who are on board with your requirements and needs for the building. We value you coming to us for advise and in return will give 100% of our efforts to making sure your project is done right from the start. While our consultation may be a way to get you onboard we make sure you understand some of the design decisions and we take the time to help to educate you and your teams. 

While working with AZA Engineering on your construction project you can expect high quality information that is up to date and in par with the code regulations

  • Electrical code
  • Fire Alarm code
  • Mechanical code

You’ll enjoy working with us and using our services as we do our due diligence and make sure to address all details, help to solve any design and project management issues that are related to engineering and provide the best possible documentation for the smooth-sailing of your progress and efficiency.